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Chester County Library Services

A librarian is available at Downingtown and Exton to assist students and faculty with research, instruction, and other Learning Commons and library related questions.

Exton Schedule

Exton Learning Commons: 610-450-6511

The librarians at Marple Learning Commons are also available to assist you:

  • Learning Commons Information Desk: 610-359-5146
  • Reference Email:

You can also get help 24/7 via Library Chat!

Library Workshops @ Exton Center

PreSearch: Refining Your Research Topic
Tues. 9/27/16 Q-Time (11am - noon)
Exton 120

Learn strategies and resources for selecting paper topics and refining them into researchable questions.

Library Database Search Strategies
Tues. 10/4/16 Q-Time (11am - noon)
Exton 120

Learn common database characteristics and search techniques.

32 Flavors of Bias
Tues. 10/25/16 Q-Time (11am - noon)
Exton 120

Bias refers to errors in information gathering and analysis that influence research outcomes.  In this session, you will examine examples of confirmation bias and stereotyping, funding (sponsorship) bias, spurious relationships, status quo bias and pro-innovation bias, and bias by omission and learn strategies for identifying and managing bias in your research.

Advanced Googling
Thurs. 11/3/2016 Q-Time (11am - noon)
Exton 120

Make the most of your web search experience using advanced techniques.  Learn how to limit your Google search to a specific web domain (like .edu), find scholarly content in Google Scholar, and find images that are licensed for free reuse.

Tips for Keeping Track of Sources
Thurs. 11/17/16 Q-Time (11am - noon)
Exton 120

Learn document management strategies like research journaling, graphical organizaers, database tools and cloud storage devices.

Citation Basics
Thurs. 12/1/16 Q-Time (11am - noon)
Exton 120

Learn the basics of source documentation in MLA and APA formats.

Downingtown Schedule

Downingtown Learning Commons:
Mondays: 8:00 AM  - 4:00 PM

Librarian: Michael LaMagna, Ed.D.
(610) 484-6224

Thursdays: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Librarian: Sarah Hartman-Caverly
(610) 484-6224

You can also get help at or 24/7 via Library Chat!

Pennocks Bridge Schedule

Pennocks Bridge Learning Commons
Mondays: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Librarian: Bethany Amilkavich
(610) 869-5114

You can also get help at or 24/7 via Library Chat!