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Copyright information for the DCCC community.

Copyright Decision Tree portraying four steps of copyright decision-making, including determining protection status, identifying allowed uses, obtaining permission, and finding alternative content. S. Hartman-Caverly, CC4.0BY-NC-SA.

S. Hartman-Caverly Creative Commons License

Can I use it?

Copyright exists to balance the interests of content users with those of content creators.  (Learn more about the purpose and history of copyright.)

As a content user, it is your responsibility to determine whether your use of another person's intellectual property is lawful and ethical.  (Learn more about protecting your copyrights as a content creator.)  Copyright statutes and case law might not address your specific context; in these cases, you need to make a good faith judgment on whether and how to use others' content.

The following framework and resources are guideposts in this decision-making process.  The Copyright Officer of the College is also available to consult on matters of copyright.