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Statistical Data

Resources for finding statistical information on subjects from anthropology to zoology.

Find Statistics Now!

Need statistics for your research project?

There's a wealth of free numerical data on the internet--so much it can be hard to know where to look.

Use this guide to narrow your search--and find exactly what you need. 

 What you'll find here:

  • Access to quick data tables that can help you shape an argument.
  • Sources for granular numerical data that can provide background or primary sources for research projects.
  • Reports from agencies and institutions on their own statistical research. 
  • Links to blogs, books, and online tools that vizualize and interpret data.

...but you won't find:

  • The skills needed to do college level statistics on your own. Conducting statistical inquiry is a highly specialized process that can't be covered in a library website. To truly understand how to conduct statiscial research and analysis, please take a statistics or research course in mathematics or the social sciences.


Image: Designed by JM Waideaswaran, The Noun Project.

The Numbers Guy

The latest from Carl Bialik of the Wall Street Journal on newsworthy statistics and their implications. 

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